venerdì 2 maggio 2008


Salve to all...
in this post ij want to imparar to you my new's: NAPULITANGLISH!
It's a very allivell language that unisce a few parol of napulitan and cocche english words.
Do you piace it?
A me a lot!
So I propong to you to learn this specie of dialett because I want that this divent international.
I facc chest for to help the napulitan people that the maggior parte nun sap speak english.
Grazie a this invece when we don't arricurdamm some parol of english we ci piazzamm without
grammatical rules when ti serv a word in english.

If we have cocche dubbio, contact me and I help a te!

I raccomand to you to fà verè a all your friends this post because it will became a new frontier of the linguagg!
Statv very well!
Ci sintimm for the next time!

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